- blankets in padel clubs are legion for several years; especially in rainy and / or windy areas, but not only.

We will tell you why it can be interesting to cover your land, what are the advantages, disadvantages and possibilities with this type of structure.

We will be based on the experience of Club of Mas Perpignan with the structure LAURALU, French company, specializing in the coverings of padel courts.

Cover your padel courts

To play all year round

This is the argument that hits the mark with clubs and padel players. Covering is the guarantee of being able to play all year round.

But you will see that there are several covers and that some can actually be less interesting than totally outdoor structures.

The covers offered by Lauralu at the Club du Mas de Perpignan are particularly interesting, because they offer the advantages of semi-indoor structures with the ability to completely close the space.

A particularly attractive solution because the cover adapts according to the desires of the players but also and especially according to the weather.

A solution that combines outdoor with indoor

The other advantage: the facility for the club to transform its semi-indoor structure into indoor and vice versa. You're not dreaming: this solution is not only possible, but also offered as standard by the builders of the Padel Club du Mas in Perpignan.

At the end of August in the event of wind or rain, no problem: the players will have exceptional facilities to be able to play serenely during the first major French event in 2020 with the P2000 where the best French players will be present.

The semi indoor structure: a good idea?

It may be interesting to bet on a semi indoor structure, namely that the ground is covered by a stretched canvas or by a wooden or metal structure.

It is obvious that this solution can make it possible to offer players the possibility of playing outdoors while being well in the dry.

The huge problem that can be encountered in the event that one validates for the construction of a semi indoor padel court, it is the concerns of visibility and the rain which hinders anyway.

A complicated visibility

Be careful to choose the location and the direction of the padel court before the construction of the semi indoor structure because the consequence can be terrible: problems of darkness and a great lack of visibility on the padel court.

Most often, players hardly want to play on these fields after a certain time or when there is a lot of light, as this can cause a big visibility problem for the players.

The solution when we are faced with this problem is obviously to install stretched canvas systems as soon as possible to prevent the sun from getting in the way too much when the bale is high.

This is why you should always ask as many questions as possible before setting up semi-indoor structures, because the construction of semi-indoor structures can turn into a real headache.

The rain doesn't stop at a semi indoor structure

If the semi indoor structure is poorly thought out upstream, then you will have rain on the ground despite the indoor structure. This is because the rain does not fall straight. It happens that there is wind and therefore just as logically, the rain can invite itself on a part of the ground.

As for visibility problems, the solution is to install a “windbreaker” as soon as possible, that is to say, usually canvas stretched to stop the rain which does not fall vertically.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.