Padel Magazine - FOCUS on the pair that caused a sensation this season: Cristian Gutierrez and Matias DIAZ.

Talking about revelation for these 2 players may seem surprising since they have been on the professional circuit for many years. It is on their association and their complementarity that many specialists had doubts about their probable performance.

Let's focus on Cristian GUTIERREZ first.

He is of the same generation as Juan Martin DIAZ and Fernando BELASTEGUIN. A long time partner of "baby" AUGUSTE then Seba NERONE, we can say that he has always lived in the shadow of Fernando and Juan Martin. Certainly as technically talented as they are, or even more, it lacks athletic power and does not have a powerful smash. It compensates for this deficit by an exceptional tactical and technical science. Cristian GUTIERREZ is the perfect model of the right player, he builds the points like nobody, he makes work (and often explodes) his opponents.

Matias DIAZ has meanwhile made a big part of his career with Miguel LAMPERTI. Together, they had no equals to ignite the public. Fiery, nervous, demonstrative and bursting with energy, Matias fights on every ball with as much motivation. Like MAXI GABRIEL and Sanyo GUTIERREZ, Matias DIAZ embodies the player of the right complete, solid, hard worker with strong point his defense.

Once this explained, you may have understood how the association of Cristian and Matias may have seemed confusing at first: they have always played exclusively right in their career!

It is therefore Cristian who has changed sides and who now plays on the left, Matias keeps his place on the right.

Second feature of this team: it is the only one in the first 20 ranking World Padel Tour that does not play the Australian when it serves. Indeed, in service, Matias and Cristian commute at each point, so there is no real attacker and defender in this team.

As a result, the matches of Cristian and Matias are always exciting to follow when we love Padel. Each point is extremely contested, very long, it is extremely rare that Cristian tries the struck smash to finish the point (can be 2 by set, not more) Matias dares to him more finish the point by striking, but it is always by striking straight ahead, very seldom by pulling the ball on the side. It is starting from their strong point, defense, that Cristian and Matias build their point.

Below, a magnificent match against the 2 World numbers in the final of the World Padel Tour of Coruña 2013:

To say the least, it works! This year, Cristian and Matias complete the podium of the teams to have reached at least once the final World Padel Tour, and even to have won the tournament. Indeed, Cristian and Matias participated in 4 finals and won 2 tournaments !!

Clément FORGET - Padel Magazine.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.