Without a doubt, Madrid is where you will find the best padel : clubs of exceptional quality, top-level coaches and players, countless specialist shops, pleasant climate all year round...

But if you go there for an internship, you are not going to play padel all day ! We will have to explore this magnificent, captivating, electric city! And beyond all its well-known particularities such as the Prado, the Retiro, the Barrio Salamanca, the Plaza Mayor or even the Santiago Bernabeu, it is impossible (not to say FORBIDDEN) to miss its gastronomy!

The Plaza Mayor of Madrid

In Madrid, gastronomy is an art, a culture, a passion! It is lived almost like a religion...

La Madrid cuisine throughout its history it has been steeped in influences from other areas of Spain, but it nevertheless retains its typical and traditional recipes. Do not leave without tasting the Cooked, a kind of stew, which is its main specialty. And if you are greedy, for dessert take some French toast (kind of French toast) or tocino de cielo: you'll have more, that's for sure!

Tapas, an irresistible tradition

In Madrid, the tapeo (the round of tapas) is a very rooted custom, which consists of going from bar to bar to taste and share culinary specialties, some of which are true gastronomic creations, accessible to all budgets.

It is also a perfect excuse for a walk in the historic center of the city. Discover the popular and lively atmosphere of the taverns and inns, and browse the tapas areas, of which there are many. These include the city center and neighborhoods such as SOL, La Latina, Plaza Santa Ana, Cava Baja and Cava Alta streets, and the Plaza Mayor. Take the opportunity to experience centuries-old bistros and even go to Mercadillo de San Miguel, an old market that has been recycled into a gourmet tapas center.

Mercadillo de San Miguel

Madrid, land of wine!

Still little known to the general public next to Rioja or Ribera del Duero, Madrid is a region with a fine wine tradition!

30 – 45 minutes by car from the center of Madrid, you can discover high quality vineyards, with modern infrastructures, in the middle of splendid landscapes and small villages full of history and authenticity.

Madrid's climate, which is generally dry and sunny, allows you to travel almost any time of the year without taking too many risks!

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