We will let's talk a few months ago, Pala Day, club of padel with eight tracks opened its doors on November 15 in Angers. We collect the first impressions of its Sports Director, Olivier Moine.

Initial positive feedback

“We opened this complex with six tracks indoor and two outdoor trails on November 15. We have been on the project since January 2021, it has been very long, very complicated, but we are very happy today. We managed to create a center with optimal conditions, the feedback from the players was great.

A first P1000 approaching

“As for what happens next, the restaurant opens at the end of March: we are doing an Italian bistro with a clubhouse bar. We also have a Pilates-Yoga room and an osteopathy office which will open on April 1st, and a meeting room to be able to offer seminars and training. team building to businesses.

We have obtained the organization of a men's P1000 the first weekend of July which will be combined with the club party. We are very happy with the start, we have a lot of people, and we are very satisfied with the large number of new practitioners who come to try the discipline, who appreciate it, and who therefore come back and create our community.”

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