Alors que le World Padel Tour Abu Dhabi Master just ended, here is the table of Premier Padel Qatar Major is revealed.

Tournament, whose qualifications began this Sunday, promises to be of a very high level, with in particular the pairs Navarro/Tello, Coello/Tapia and Di Nenno/Stupaczuk which are on the same side of the table!

In the other part, we find of course Lebron / Galan, Bela / Sanyo, but also Nieto / Lima and Gonzalez / Ruiz.

First-round matches begin on Tuesday. We will of course follow on the French side the first steps in the competition of Benjamin Tison and Mario Huete, who will face Jaime “Chipi” Muñoz (61) and Ignacio Vilariño (43). A match that should be very hot! In case of victory, the Franco-Spanish pair would find the winners of the meeting between Leal/Sanz and Gil/Solbes.

Find the whole table just below:

For those who prefer the pdf version, it's here:

It will be noted that, despite recent statements by Alejandra Salazar, there is no women's draw in this Qatar Major...

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