This is great news for Portuguese aficionados.

Indeed, the Portuguese private channel has acquired the broadcasting rights of the World Padel Tour, thus ensuring the live broadcast of the 27 tournaments scheduled for 2023. Known for being one of the first channels specializing in football, Eleven want to join the padel to its programming and bet on this sport which has been wildly successful in the country.

Following the agreement concluded last September with the Spanish circuit which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, the premium sports channel will broadcast the Masters, Open 1000 and 500 as well as the Master Final from the quarter-finals.

Abu Dhabi Padel Master, which will take place from February 20 to 26, will be the first tournament World Padel Tour of the 27 that our Portuguese friends will be able to see this season.

Sebastien Carrasco

Future naturopath and passionate about padel, Seb is the health/food gentleman of Padel Magazine. He juggles between pala, quinoa and essential oils. For almost two years now he has been dealing with the news of the little yellow ball with the same passion.