If you follow the news padel, this has certainly not escaped you: Eli Amatriain has retired during the WPT Menorca Open.

As she explained to our colleagues from Mundo Deportivo, the native of Logroño simply no longer had the same motivation as in the past: “

“I realized that when I lost, I no longer wanted to train. For many years, defeats motivated me because I would see areas of my game that needed improvement, I would realize my shortcomings, and the next day I would be back training. Even though I had to practice three times as hard, I did it because I wanted to become a better player. This year, when I was losing, I just wanted to relax, get away from the court, and that was very meaningful for me.”

eli-amatriain-backhand blows face style

A saturation certainly caused by this very particular life that professional players choose to lead: “I like being with family, enjoying small moments, reading a book, having a coffee and being in my environment. But this year, I took a plane, I went to a tournament, I played, and on the way back I already had to plan another flight for the following week. It was getting heavier and heavier.”

Now, Eli, 39, is starting a whole new stage in his life, as a psychologist.

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