Let's go for the qualifications of the FIP Gold Milan 2021 which promises us a very nice show to the Piazza Citta di Lombardia !

A magnificent setting, and players accustomed to the main draws of the Open and Master of World Padel Tour. This is enough to offer us a very good show for this FIP Gold in Milan which will offer 80 points for the FIP / WPT classification to the winners.

Milan FIP Gold Piazza Città di Lombardia 2021

Several very good WPT players have therefore made the trip to Lombardi and the show will be there all week.

Among the men, it is already the beginning of the preprevias, in which we find the Valsot brothers, well known in France and members of the Monegasque selection.

The other Frenchman present among the men, Benjamin Tison, started in the round of 175 alongside his teammate Teo Zapata. The Franco-Spanish pair will face Spaniards Ignacio Sager (206) and Luis Alfonso Chacón (1). Ben and Teo will obviously be favorites, and in case of victory they will face each other in the eighth at the head of series number XNUMX: JM Diaz / Jesus Moya!

Unlike the men's draw, among the girls, the seeds start in the sixteenth.

Wendy Barsotti and Elodie Invernon were not really spoiled in the draw since they started in the sixteenth against the seeded 3, Caro / Cortiles!

Seeded 4, Léa Godallier and Ariadna Cañellas will face a pair from qualifying in the first round, while seeded Alix Collombon and Jessica Castello will face the Spanish twins. Alba Adrados Buades (261) et Julia Adrados Buades (199).

Preprevias men

Previas men

Main table men 

Previas ladies

Main draw ladies

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