Dream day for the French players present in Dubai! Nearly All the french people present in the United Arab Emirates qualified for the second round of the tournament.

The girls in the second round without playing!

On the women's side, the two French players present on this first day were able to advance to the second round without too much difficulty. Indeed, the pair Red/Vandaele was able to benefit from a WO from his opponents, who did not appear on the field.

On their side, Camille Sireix / Francesca Ligotti (TS6) and Wendy Barsotti / Catarina Castro Vilela (TS2), did not need to play the first round, they were automatically qualified for the 16è.

Today, we will be entitled to a Franco-French meeting since Camille Sireix and Francesca Ligotti will meet Steffi Merah and Marianne Vandaele in the first rotation of the morning.

Wendy Barsotti and Catarina Castreo Vilela will face, also in the first rotation, Gabriela Andrade (320) and Karen Micaela Gomez Gonzalez (787). Suffice it to say that the Franco-Portuguese pair are the clear favorites in this meeting.

An 8/9 for men

On the men's side now, it goes just as easily for 8 of the 9 French people present. THE lucky losers, Romain Sichez et François Phillipe Martelli offered themselves a second round in Dubai after being drafted following their defeat in the last round of qualifying. They impose themselves 6 / 0 6 / 1 in front of the wildcard Alarif/Al Janahi. For their second round, they come across a big piece with a 100% Portuguese duo: Pedro Araujo / Miguel Deus (TS3).

Easy victory also for Philemon Raichman et Julien Seurin (TS6) against Nacho Moragues Moltò (373) and Antonio Varo Ramos (279): 6 / 3 6 / 4. Today they will face the Swiss qualified pair Philip Orloff (665) / Ivan Lopez Muñoz (585).

Finally, we will have the right to a meeting 100% French during the 16è. Indeed, Thomas Vanbauce et Maxime Jori, which took place facing another wildcard, Al Janahi/Alhooli (6 / 0 6 / 2) find Manu Vives et Jerome Inzerillo (TS2), who did not drop many feathers in the first round against the Argentinians Molina and Cordoba: 6 / 1 6 / 2.

Small downside, the defeat of Dorian DeMeyer et Isaac huysveld against Jesus Valenzuela (293) and Pol Hernandez Alvarez (180). Dorian and Isaac lost sharply, in two sets, against the number 7 seed: 6 / 1 6 / 2.

Program for the day with the meetings starting at 13 p.m. (10 a.m. French time):

As a reminder, the matches are to be followed live at the following link:

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