As during the FIP Rise in Perpignan, Loïc Le Panse and Nicolas Trancart found a certain Jérémy Scatena on their way.

This time, the 102nd player in the world was associated with a certain Ricky Martinez, and the Franco-Spanish pair did not go into detail, with a 6/3 6/0 victory. Martinez and Scatena face Lindmeyer/Wunner tonight.

There will be another match between French, since Dorian de Meyer and Thomas Vanbauce will meet Bastien Blanqué and Jose Jimenez in the second round.

It's over on the other hand for Jérôme Inzerillo and Jose Manuel Ortiz, beaten by the seeded 6 Alameda / Bautista: 6/1 6/3.

Find all the results HERE.

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