For their first competition played together, Alejandro Galan and Federico Chingotto qualified for a first final at the P2 in Puerto Cabello.

The two men, who already knew each other very well and who are still at the top level, are nevertheless in the discovery phase. We could see this during the second round where Enrique Goenaga and Teo Zapata almost trapped this new formation by taking advantage in particular of a Fede Chingotto in great difficulty, as illustrated by the statistics of Padel Intelligence :

"El Raccoon"And"Galantico” continued with a solid success against Paquito/Sanyo in the quarter-final (6/2 – 7/5) before facing one of the best teams in the world: Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno, second pair in the ranking worldwide since the separation of Lebron and Galan.

The two teams fought a great battle yesterday. By doing a tactical analysis, we see that Chingotto and Galan know how to adapt quickly, from one day to the next, and do not hesitate to disrupt their game plan depending on the opponent, as we can. see it in this diagram:

While the "super kids” respected their diagonals, Chingotto helped his partner to fix Franco Stupaczuk, manhandled by Galan on the decisive points and more particularly the breaks made by the outsiders. A profitable tactic which allowed them to win a first duel against a team they will often meet this season.

"Chingalan” will now try to bring down Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia during the night from Sunday to Monday. The final of the P2 of Puerto Cabello will be followed on Premier Padel.

Martin Schmuda

A competitive tennis player, Martin discovered the padel in 2015 in Alsace and appeared in a few tournaments in Paris. Today a journalist, he deals with current affairs padel while continuing its rise in the world of the little yellow ball!