Focus on Raphaël Rubio, the player in the French Top 100 who has gained the most places over the last two years. After having jumped 3 places, Raphaël today finds himself 620th in the March rankings !

The partials are over, let's head to the tournaments!

“I am 22 years old, I have been a member of the CUC (Clermont Université Club) for two years and I have done all my tennis at Rodez Tennis Padel. I have never had any assimilations: I started my first tournament in February 2022, a P250.

I discovered the padel in June 2019 in Rodez I played a few games there but no more because I was going to enter PACES (first year common to health studies) in September and I did not want to stick to a sport that could take me out of the work mold of the first year. But I told myself that I would play it again because I was hooked the first time.

And in the end, it was at the beginning of 2022 that I started playing padel in Clermont-Ferrand, where I studied medicine. I started by taking a few lessons with Mario Cordero and Johan Heros at Bad Hit, a structure in the center of Clermont.

From there I found myself totally addicted to this sport, and I started playing several tournaments from May 2022, at the end of my partials.

Another person thanks to whom I have progressed enormously is Stephen Souyri (the brother of Gwenaelle) with whom I have done countless games and training together on the slopes in Rodez, and it still continues!”

Raphael Rubio stephen souyri

14 P500 won!

“I won my first P250 in May 2022 with François Lacombe then my first P500 in November 2022 with Thomas Rey. I won a total of 14 P500!

And this weekend I won my first P1000, in Carcassonne, with Alexandre Dizy. Before that, my best result in P1000 was a semi-final at the ARA Regional Championship in 2023, with Thomas Rey.

Now I play mainly in Lyon, but also in Toulouse, Albi, with the proximity of Rodez and my parents!”

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