Undefeated in 2023, Paula Josemaria and Ariana Sanchez fell this Saturday in semi-final of World Padel Tour The Rioja Open.

A series of 7 victories that comes to an end

The clash between the seeds 1 and 3 gave birth to a surprise in Argentina! Indeed, Bea Gonzalez and Martita Ortega delivered a superb performance to put the Abu Dhabi Master winners down, with a victory in two sets please!

Yet in the first set, the favorites seemed to have done the hardest part by resuming their lost service, but it was on a golden point that the outsiders concluded the set.

In the second set, Martita and Bea also took the lead first, leading 5/3, but Ari and Paula still managed to catch up to get back to 5 games all. But this time again, pair number 3 was the best when it really needed to be.

Final score 6/4 7/5, a success in the form of an event for the Maxi Grabiel players who put an end to a series of 7 consecutive victories on the side of Ari and Paula!

Another series comes to an end: that of 11 consecutive finals

Indeed, for the first time since Amsterdam last October, we will not find pairs 1 and 2 in the girls' final. Moreover, Ortega and Gonzalez had won this Dutch tournament, in the final against the pair they beat today.

Tomorrow, they will find either Alejandra Salazar and Gemma Triay, or Patty Llaguno and Victoria Iglesias.

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