The Maigret/Inzerillo pair will not have achieved the feat of taking out the Rivera/Mercadal pair! After being led 6-4 5-2, the French did not have enough resilience to bring down a solid Spanish pair, who ultimately won 6/4, 6/7, 7/6.

A complicated start to the match

On paper, the match was not easy. Rivera and Mercadal are ranked 75th and 98th in the world respectively, while Adrien is ranked 158th and Jérôme 138th. Perhaps a bit taken up by the stakes, Maigret and Inzerillo start the game one step below their opponents. A little more solid and regular, the Rivera/Mercadal pair won the first set 6-4. The match resumes and so does Spanish domination. The latter will take off until leading 5-2. Everything seemed decided and yet the Inzerillo/Maigret pair will show combativeness to come back to 5-5 before winning in the tie-break of the 2nd set! The break in the medical timeout will wear down the Spaniards to the point of seeing them get annoyed on the pitch.

The Spaniards pushed to their limits!

The scenario was good, after two breaks and two match points saved during the 2nd round, we were already signing for a comeback. Unfortunately, the Spaniards didn't give up even if they were the first to falter during this balanced 3rd set. Break for the Maigret/Inzerillo pair at 3 all. The French will even have a match point at 5-3 30/40 opposing service before seeing the Rivera/Mercadal pair return to the score.

Not a trivial detail, Jerôme Inzerillo was once again manipulated by the physiotherapist on his right thigh during the 3rd set. Physically diminished, Inzerillo will hang on until the tie-break, supported by Maigret, before losing 7/4 during it. After yet another disappointment, the last hopes of this day now rest on Léa Godallier, who signs her entry into the running, and Thomas Leygue, scheduled for the last rotation, i.e. not before 20 p.m.