We were talking about it a little while ago, Head Motion Pro is now available for sale.

It is the first shoe made specifically for the padel by the Austrian brand. A real gem, which will be used in particular by the stars of the brand, Arturo Coello and Paula Josemaria.

Developed by engineers and athletes from padel, this shoe is indicated for anyone who wants to benefit from a very high level of grip, support and breathability.

In addition, the pattern of the sole was developed in collaboration with Mondo, the
official coating supplier of the World Padel Tour. And the tests show that this pattern, different from those used on tennis shoes, allows optimal grip on the slopes of padel.

Whether it's pivoting or performing any other movement, players of padel take full advantage of the technology HEAD Lateral control+, with reinforced sides that allow incredible stability and prevent twisting during extreme movements.

For added comfort and durability, the midsole of the Motion Pro is made of foam HEAD DynaFoam, extremely light and responsive. Crafted from tiny air cells, it's engineered to last longer than EVA midsoles.

Approved by players of padel professionals HEAD, the Motion Pro is synonymous with comfort, thanks to the ventilation system of the sole and the breathable materials.

Top level shoes that will delight all lovers of this sport!

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