A tournament padel with a prize money of one million euros is planned for next January, with the top 20 in the world.

The information comes to us from Daily Mail : the Hexagon Cup will feature six teams, led by celebrities, and composed of three pairs of players, bringing together the best players on the planet.

Behind this concept, which looks a bit like the Padel American Pro League or the Laver Cup, we find DMG Ventures, the company which owns the Daily Mail and which notably launched Formula E.

Its CEO, Manuel Lopo de Carvalho, affirms that the competition will be a success, with the presence of the world's top 20: “We needed a tournament before the season officially started that was a little more fun, more relaxed, more celebrity and entertainment focused. We have a good date, the top 20 players in the world – and once you have the best players, once you have a good location, it's all about finding sponsors, and that's something the group has mastered Alright."

As you can see from the event Instagram page, Paquito Navarro and Alejandra Salazar are already in the game. Who will be the next players to join the movement?

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