We were able to interview Hubert Picquier, Member of the FFT Executive Committee in charge of Padel and Vice-President of the International Federation of Padel and the European Continental Commission.

Health crisis, the measures put in place by the FFT

Padel Magazine : Can you tell us a little more about Covid-19 aids?

Hubert Picquier: “On May 25, 2020, we put in place a 35 million euros support and relaunch plan for the entire French tennis ecosystem and associated disciplines. Affiliated clubs padel were thus able to benefit from PSR aid as well as 8 professional players. We had also planned a tour of 6 tournaments, but unfortunately with the health crisis, we could only do the Pyramids event. "

Padel Magazine : The FFT had initiated legal proceedings. Where are we ?

Hubert Picquier: “The FFT defends and will tirelessly defend the resumption of our liability disciplines, whether through various appeals, including the last to the Council of State. We are awaiting court decisions. "

The evolution of padel in France

Padel Magazine : A review of developments in padel in France ?

Hubert Picquier: “We have implemented several actions such as, for example, Aid for the creation of land for better networking of the place of practice. There was the creation of FFT Padel Tour to discover the discipline but also the establishment of diplomas allowing teaching, arbitration. At the competition level, we have created the category of P25 tournaments accessible to all. We have structured our French teams and integrated international institutions. On the digital side, the development of the Ten'Up application with the updating of results in real time is an important step forward. I believe that with regard to all the actions implemented by the FFT, "sport padel "Is becoming more democratic in the region, including overseas (Réunion, Guadeloupe, Martinique in particular)."

Padel Magazine : Where are we in terms of progress at club level, territorial coverage?

Hubert Picquier: “The number of FFT clubs with pitches of padel steadily increases. At 1er March, 315 clubs had padel, at 1er September, there are 344 clubs. We also passed the 11.000 mark as of November 15. The padel therefore continues its evolution. "

The objectives for 2021

Padel Magazine : What are the FFT's projects to continue the development of padel ?

Hubert Picquier: “We are continuing our work to develop the practice of padel. Several subjects such as training, the deployment of land on the territory and the development of schools of padel in connection with the structuring of teaching. We want to develop youth competitions, create regional or inter-league senior championships and change the method of calculating the French classification with the integration of results achieved on the FIP-WPT international circuit. There is also ProShop FFT where more and more articles from padel are referenced to help Clubs and Manufacturers increase their turnover. "

Padel Magazine : Which organization for the FFT Padel Tour in 2021?

Hubert Picquier: “In view of our experience, the health context and the objectives we have set ourselves, we are preparing a new organization of the FFT Padel Tour 2021. The contours will be known in the coming weeks.”

The positions of the FFT vis-à-vis other organizations

Padel Magazine : What relations between FFT and AFCP (Association Française des Clubs de Padel)?

Hubert Picquier: "The Federation wants to support all the structures padel. Both affiliated and empowered. We exchange regularly with the AFCP, and wish to set up a framework agreement very quickly making it possible to identify and share the possible and necessary support for the development of the padel."

Padel Magazine : APT Padel Tour announces that it offers many stages in Europe. If French players helped by the FFT prefer to participate in the APT Padel Tour that at the WPT, will they continue to receive this aid?

Hubert Picquier: “Today, the only international ranking recognized by the FFT is the Ranking of the FIP (Fédération Internationale de Padel). Regarding the maintenance of federal aid to athletes who choose the APT over the FIP-WPT, nothing has been done to date. One of the aims of the FFT is to help our players progress internationally and to keep them passionate about wearing the colors of France. This point is currently under study by our National Technical Department. "

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