A few days ago, Paul Daulan told us in an interview that we would see him work more on high balls during the second part of the series At the heart of padel. But for the moment, the Palois and his “sensei” Andoni Bardasco from Padel Stuff Bilbao are busy with another task: correcting a tennis forehand.

As you know, in France, there are many players of padel who come from tennis. And it works out quite well for them: the best French players almost all have a background as good tennis players. It must be said that when you have real experience in a racquet sport, you start with a base that pure beginners do not have.

But be careful, most of the time we also arrive with faults that will have to be corrected. Among them, the forehand topspin and the great preparations. How to get rid of these bad habits? The answer in pictures with Andoni and Paul, who are accompanied by a certain Alex and a certain Odile for the occasion!

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