Jérôme Doligé, the founder of PadelShot, details the ambitions of his company for the coming years and looks back on the entry into the capital of his company Nouvel Atlas.

The best experience possible

PadelShot is a “Pure player padel”, totally focused on the padel, and even if 70% of our customers play for leisure, we must provide them with the best possible practices – obviously firstly with coaches and high-quality personalized educational projects but also with all the teams who breathe and live padel. We offer a very dense competition program, more than 60 tournaments per year in each of our clubs, ranging from P2000 to P25, women's, men's and mixed. These competitions are always very well endowed: we always make sure to offer a high level service.


Big potential

We still have very great potential in France, the biggest challenge will be to develop our passion wisely, select our locations carefully and constantly ensure that we maintain and further improve our premium offer.

The merger with Nouvel Atlas

Nouvel Atlas is the fund of the Le Marchand family, founder of Nature et Découvertes. It is a fund which sold a significant stake to FNAC before Covid.

We got to know them through our network and the collaboration took place quite quickly. The first contact took place in March and was validated in July. The transaction was therefore clear and rapid, the fund remaining a minority with a little more than 15% in the structure.

It is a fundraiser that allows PadelShot to realize his ambitions. In fact, we plan to open nearly 15 clubs over the next 4 years. Therefore, we were looking for a partner to finance all these new clubs. PadelShot remains a tenant at the moment, however, we have plans for construction leases with bespoke buildings for the padel.

filet padels

At least three new clubs in 2024

We currently have three centers (Saint-Étienne, Lyon and Caen) and we are going to open clubs in Metz and Reims next season, and another club in the center which I do not wish to communicate yet. The 2024-2025 sports season should see the opening of at least four new clubs, PadelShot will then have around ten clubs in the next 24 months. We are talking about centers 100% dedicated to padel, offering between seven and eight courts, all indoors. For the moment, we do not offer a franchise club, we have quite a few projects in progress and prefer to devote ourselves 100% to them.

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