As we told you a few weeks ago, Jon Sanz is certainly the big loser du new ranking. The Navarrese did not deny it during an interview with our colleagues from Sports world.

“It’s a subject that touches me, the change in classification bothers me. I am the most affected player, going from 10th to 22nd place… It is not fair to take into account the 2022 tournaments, it seems absurd to me.”

“It's something we have to accept (with partner Coki Nieto), but it took us out of the top eight where we managed to get into last year... We have to climb the rankings and the goal is to be to the Master’s degree.”

Will we see Coki and Jon on the FIP Tour? It's very possible: “We need points, so we are ready to play as many tournaments as possible counting for the FIP ranking,” explains the native of Pamplona. He adds: “The tournaments in Spain are the ones that motivate me the most.” There is therefore a good chance that he will be present at the FIP Platinum in Valladolid and Menorca.

On the other hand, he should skip the Ultimate Padel Tour: “That doesn't interest me, I want to concentrate on the Premier Padel.” That is clear !

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