The Big Padel Bordeaux Mérignac achieved the double French National Champion 2 girls and boys this week-end and will therefore have three teams in Nationale 1 next season. Jean-Thomas Peyrou, sports director of the club, tells us about this adventure.

Rouanet and Joris: the captains

“It is a desire at the club to perform at the highest level with players from the Bordeaux network, players from the club or who train at the academy. The boys' team put in a great performance with real team spirit.

Nicolas Rouanet and Maxime Joris perfectly fulfilled their role as team leaders by winning all their matches. These are players that I coach and they did not hesitate for a second to support our team 2 with a warrior attitude. They will join the first team made up of all the players of the Big Padel Jet Academy in December with the aim of reaching the championship title.”

Lucas Pillon, the next generation

“Lucas Pillon, a young 16-year-old player in full development for whom I have been the reference coach since September, impressed us with his calm and gave the winning point in the final. He will represent France at the next U18 world championship. "

Stéphan Nogaret, the MVP

“Stéphan Nogaret was the MVP: he is a young left-handed player, 46 years old, but who has 20-year-old legs. Benjamin Landrieu, Arthur Péret, players of the club made their contribution by winning their match in the quarter-final.

Special mention to the founder of the club, Louis Couvercelle, who brought to my side the decisive point of the climb, but above all the victory for the championship title against Palavas with Lucas.”

Players linked to the club

With Louis and Antoine Couvercelle, we want to make this club grow and shine. This also requires a spirit of competition, training, and that the colors of our club, blue and yellow, are represented by players who have a link with the club. We attach great importance to developing a club which has a real identity through its high-level Academy structure, through a real teaching team, through a school of padel quality, but also through group and individual course offerings. Indeed, since this year, many teachers with TFP qualifications or in training have joined us in order to develop a real pedagogy signed Big Padel. This work also allows us to achieve this type of performance by uniting the players around the club.

We don't forget the girls


For their part, the girls join the boys: Amelie Detriviere, Cassandra Senjean, Manon Marcarie – who are training at the Big Padel Jet Academy, but also Mandée Nouals, Catherine Lalanne, Camille Moga, all from Bordeaux, performed flawlessly and also became French National 2 champions!

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