The second part of Nox folder highlights a model well known to all, powered by Agustin Tapia, the new world number one. The AT10 Genius perfectly embodies versatility, offering exceptional maneuverability as well as formidable firepower, and has remained the flagship of the Spanish brand for several years now.

For those who do not know, the reference AT10 is offered in three variants within the Luxury range: the Attack 18K Alum, diamond-shaped, the Genius 18K (the current model of the Argentinian phenomenon), and finally, the 12K version, which was my favorite.

My choice was based on specific details, and as we know, it is often these small elements that tilt the scale slightly to one side or the other.

A new eraser

Developed in partnership with Mozart de Catamarca for the 2024 season, this teardrop model benefits from a complete overhaul. A new frame redesigned to improve aerodynamics, stronger and lighter materials and convincing technological advances are there to offer players a new gaming experience.

The use of a specific material blend, including the combination of 12K carbon fiber with the already proven core of Tempo and Nerbo, provides an exceptional typing experience while preserving a robust feel and significant hardness. The legendary HR3 rubber, which has won over thousands of players around the world for more than 10 years, now gives way to the MLD Black Eva.

The performance of the latter surpasses that of the Eva HR3 Core of previous generations, and we will examine its specific characteristics in detail below.

A brilliant visual

The main color of the racket surface is dark gray, available in various shades. A subtle note of originality lies in the color transition on the base of the frame, going from white to blue from one side of the pala to the other. The checkerboard carbon covers all of the faces, adding a sleek, modern edge to the racket. The contrast between black and gray gives this model a classic and elegant look. In addition, the logo, with its color gradient, creates a remarkable aesthetic by seeming to change color depending on the angle from which it is observed.

It should be noted that we find the inscription “service”, thus making it possible to determine who will make the commitment during the draw at the start of the game.

Pulse Nox

First novelty, Pulse Nox is a technology developed by Nox Padel to reduce vibrations generated by off-center hits. This reduces the vibrations transmitted to the players' arms, reducing the risk of injury.

When a ball hits the screen, the two elastomeric bands (located in the handle and which go up to the bridge) of the Pulse system absorb the vibrations by deforming slightly. This deformation has the effect of absorbing the energy of the shock and redistributing it throughout the frame of the racket, thus reducing the stress on the player's arm, reducing injuries, and improving the stability of the racket.

After absorbing the vibrations, the strips return to their original shape, allowing the racket to rebound quickly and transfer the energy of the shock to the ball. This results in improved stroke confidence, less trauma, and an increased sense of racquet control.

EOS Flap

The major innovation lies in technology EOS Flap. Incorporating strategically positioned side perforations in a specific section at deck level, this advancement not only improves the aerodynamics of the racket, but also helps stabilize balance and ensure exceptional maneuverability. Basically, it gives the racket the ability to pass through the air more efficiently.

THEEOS Flap has been specifically designed to minimize air resistance during the swing, which can result in a significant improvement in swing speed and overall behavior. This harmony between design and engineering, combined with the use of high-quality materials, results in an optimized gaming experience through balanced energy distribution within the frame.

These side perforations, complemented by ABS parts, enhance the overall finish of the racket, giving it a premium quality appearance. This design not only results in a better distribution of the mass of the racket, resulting in increased speed of movement, but also in unprecedented maneuverability and control, providing an unparalleled playing experience.

Custom Grip

It is important to note another significant advance, namely the Nox Custom Grips. This is an innovation in the field of hybrid handles integrated into the handle, which was already part of the 2023 collection.

However, previously it was only available as a separate purchase. But the good news is that this grip, which allows players to completely personalize their grip, is now included as standard on certain references from the brand starting this year.

Made from an exceptionally grippy material, this undergrip Significantly reduces the risk of slipping and blisters, while improving comfort, performance and control of the racket.

This adjustable 3D system patented and certified by Test Padel increasing grip by 52% while reducing vibrations transmitted to the hand by 29%, was developed with the aim of improving grip and minimizing the risk of injury. With these four silicone rings, you can completely customize your grip.

The Custom Grip is a simple but effective accessory, bringing real comfort and increased safety to fans of padel. No accessories or tools are required for installation, and it can be easily changed from one racket to another.

Compared to other similar products, the Nox Custom Grip adds less weight to the racket, thus preserving its balance and behavior as much as possible. It is also aimed at players prone to sweating (making sure to install their preferred overgrip beforehand), offering an effective solution to prevent any slipping of the pala. In addition, it can benefit people suffering from epicondylitis, as it allows you to hold the racket with less muscular effort, and helps reduce pressure on the wrist.

Oversized Grip

This racket is also equipped with “Oversized Grip“, characterized by a handle that is one centimeter longer compared to certain standard models, and which offers improved grip for the player, thus providing a larger gripping surface.

This modification will be particularly appreciated by players practicing the two-handed backhand and will excite all fans of kick smashes, who will benefit from a reinforced strike thanks to increased leverage.


System smartstrap is still relevant. It is a safety strap made up of two elements: an extremely robust fabric buckle previously connected to the fixing device, and a wrist strap which is tied inside this buckle. This is a quick, easy and reliable linking device, allowing players to replace their wrist strap in seconds.

Made from high-quality materials, it offers optimal comfort and increased support. This makes it possible to remove and replace the strap easily, without causing damage to the attachment mechanism.

The surfaces of the racket have a rough texture formed by a layer of silica spread over the entire pala. This sandblasted finish is made up of tiny rough grains which promote the generation of additional spin when the ball comes into contact with the racket.

MLD Black Eva

As for the core of the racket, it is made up of the new foam MLD Black Eva, considerably stiffer than the HR3 featured on previous year's models. This multi-layer structure incorporates variable densities, thus offering a response adapted to various situations. The less dense outer layer ensures high comfort and greater rebound during slower phases of play, while the denser inner layer provides increased energy return and improved control. The compactness of this material favors a more aggressive style of play, thus allowing, during powerful strikes, additional weight and efficiency.

This process, combined with the use of 12K carbon fiber on the surface, ensures high efficiency, a feeling of rigidity to the touch and remarkable precision.

Stakes !

This is a highly maneuverable racquet that will propel your slashing volleys to top-level performance. The balance is ideally adjusted, offering optimal power, millimeter precision and an excellent sweet-spot. However, those who particularly enjoy rough play might be inclined to choose the Attack version in diamond format, while admirers of Miguel Lamperti might be tempted by the Shotgun 18K.

This racket also excels in defense, thanks to its dual density foam which delivers remarkable performance when it comes to delicately playing the ball.

When I performed powerful smashes, I experienced extreme stiffness, while when I needed more of a springy touch in a defensive position, the ball popped out instantly without requiring significant effort.

Difference with the 18 K Alum version

The racket held by Agustin Tapia at the end of the year presents two notable distinctions. The first is cosmetic, displaying a duo of gray and a deep black. The second lies in the quality of the carbon fiber, going from the classic 12K to 18K Alum.

Aluminized 18K carbon fiber is a composite material combining carbon fiber interwoven with aluminum fiber, recognized for its exceptional lightness and remarkable resistance to temperature variations. This combination of materials offers a distinctive fusion of durability and comfort, ensuring consistent performance whether you're playing in bitter cold or scorching summer.

It is important to highlight that compared to the 12K model, the 18K Alum version seems less rigid, thus providing greater comfort than the version preferred by the talented Argentine player, and will be better suited to a wider range of players.


Nox Padel dared to integrate several innovations into this model, and this audacity proved to be fruitful. Since the post-COVID era, it is clear that most manufacturers have not adopted new technologies, simply relying on what is certainly solid, but without any real upheaval. This AT10 12K is not completely new or revolutionary, but rather progressive.

In other words, it relies on an extremely high-performance core developed over time during real tests with certain models, thus abandoning the exclusive use of HR3 rubber.

This represents a significant change for the Spanish company, which also integrates some new technologies (Pulse and EOS Flap) particularly appreciated in this period when innovations are rarer.

The essence of this racket is its maneuverability, accompanied by exceptional weight distribution. The communion between the MLD Black Eva core and the 12K carbon fiber offers a Sweet spot conventional and considerable power, allowing rapid and reliable mastery, even without requiring perfect playing technique.

It is therefore suitable for a wide range of players, appealing to fans of close-to-the-ground defense as well as die-hard attackers.

Also validated by the label “Test Padel“, this version guarantees extended hours of play, even in extreme conditions.

Be there for the conclusion of this file, where I will reveal to you the model which rose to first place on the podium, not without valiantly resisting the solid arguments of this AT10 12K!

Stéphane Penso

Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!