If you follow the padel for several years, the name of Lalo Alzueta certainly tells you something. Indeed, the Spaniard who commented on World Padel Tour lies behind most of the nicknames given to players of padel professionals.

Always passionate about padel, Lalo was interviewed a few days ago by our colleagues at Marca, who asked him for his opinion on various current topics, and asked him to recount a notable moment in his career as a commentator.

The journalist then told a great story with Fernando Belasteguin. In 2017, while a tournament was being played in Alicante, Lalo Alzueta's grandmother died in Almeria, almost 300 kilometers away. The now 43-year-old man obviously immediately went to Andalusia to attend his grandmother's funeral. But like the true professional that he is, he wanted to go back to Alicante to comment on the weekend's matches.

Touched by this situation, Fernando Belasteguin, winner of the tournament with Pablo Lima, wanted to dedicate and offer the trophy to the man who now comments on basketball for Movistar. A cup that he always has at home, and a story that he will never forget!

For those who would like to see this passage in the original version, it's just below:

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