Your attitude on a court padel is a faithful reflection of how you behave in life, at work, in a team...This phrase sums up the philosophy and methodology of Sports To Bto put the padel at the service of the individual in a professional context. Sebastien Onaindia, CEO of Sports To B, explains.

Boost interpersonal relationships within a company

If you run a business or a team, Sports To B offers you a total immersion and a return to basics, to properly oil these mechanisms and all the different qualities necessary for a strong, complicit, high-performance team. Management committees, teambuildings, seminars, incentive trips, client PR... the opportunities are numerous throughout the year, and recent studies have shown the importance of "boosting" interpersonal relationships within a company to improve its results.

We live in a complex time, where social habits within a company are changing. There is clearly a before and an after COVID, especially when it comes to working from home. It brought a lot of good things, especially in terms of flexibility and improved privacy, but it also brought bad things, like a big loss of speed in terms of employee relations, which is essential to have a successful team.

Communication, coordination, complementarity, trust, commitment... You may never have considered the subject, but le padel is a perfect sport to improve all facets of teamwork because it is played at 4, not very dangerous, very social and it is quite easy to have fun quickly!

Combine business with pleasure

At Sports To B, we combine business with pleasure… we put your favorite sport at the service of your team! Thanks to a finely developed methodology, a business coach will observe the progress of the padel (mainly behavior, reactions, attitude of the players) and will take notes. He will have previously identified with YOU the problems to be solved and the aspects to be worked on in depth (this can be an internal communication problem such as a problem of cohesion, or even self-confidence, etc.). Each team is different, each has its own problems.
after time padel, we organize a group work session during which we put everyone's feedback, feelings, emotions, etc., on the table, and work together on possible improvements.

An intense, productive and fun day!

Madrid, Marbella, Mallorca or even Barcelona… We will take you to the best clubs in the most beautiful cities! Our events are turnkey and take into account all the logistics, well beyond the padel ! Hotel, transport, tourist activities, gastronomy… we will help you shape this team trip as you wish.

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