Le padel is often presented as an “easy” sport at first. There's often this fairly common phrase that you'll hear from people who have never played padel : "This is'a sport that is not physically demanding ”.

We can answer it by “Yes but it depends”.

In reality, it depends if we are looking at 4 beginners who are already happy to put the ball back into the field or if we are watching a match between 4 professionals.

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The first parts

It is true that when we start the padel, we realize that you don't necessarily have to move a lot, that the exchanges are not directly long and therefore that after 1h30 with the friends, we are not that worn out.

We also notice that it is a sport practiced by everyone, young or old, men or women, which allows everyone from the start to find partners of their level and have fun very quickly. We could therefore say thatinitially, the padel is an “easy” sport, undemanding both physically and technically, which is not a negative point, quite the contrary. It's a fun sport and suitable for everyone, but that doesn't mean that you can always play without getting into the red!

The right amateur level

As you play, you improve, you find yourself in games with better players, the points are more contested and more intense, and sometimes you end up finding yourself breathless.

The right amateur level will therefore tell you that the padel is a fairly demanding sport. However, there are always people who will be able to preserve themselves thanks to a very good position or a very good technique. Indeed, players with a very good hand and a very good eye can often afford to play “walking”, up to a certain level… This is another aspect of the game. padel sharing with other sports. In general, as you increase your level, the parties will demand more of you both physically, technically and tactically .

The high level

If we think of professional players , it is true that in the padel, they can perform at a very high level at an older age than in other sports. But it is no less true that in recent years and in particular last season on the WPT, a more physical game is needed, faster, and more demanding.

Indeed, we see that there is a renewal that is taking place among professionals and that today the players at the highest level are physically at the top. And this still young sport should still surprise us in the years to come, with increasingly athletic and skilful players !

In the end, the padel will be more or less demanding depending on the level at which you will play. This is what makes the beauty of this sport, a discipline where everyone can find something for themselves!

Francois-Xavier Coninck

Belgian and Toulouse, it's possible! Passionate about NBA and Biathlon, I am also a drug addict padel. I organize tournaments, I teach. But what I like best about padel : these are the short crossed passings. What good croquettes !!