Since the calendar 2024 from Premier Padel is out, a question is nagging fans: will the world's best players be present during P2?

Almost 40% of the calendar

As a reminder, the P2 represents the third category of tournaments stamped Premier Padel and will number nine next season. We will have in order: Puerto Cabello (Venezuela), Brussels (Belgium), Andalusia (Spain), Asuncion (Paraguay), Bordeaux (France), Genova (Italy), Finland, Düsseldorf (Germany), Sweden.


Nine competitions, that represents almost 40% of the calendar. So you understand that if players skip the P2s, they won't have many tournaments left to play! And if the P2s give four times fewer points to the winners than the Majors and half as many as the P1s, they still remain crucial for the race for the number 1 place. Not to mention that in terms of prize money, they offer a significant financial contribution to players. In other words, except in very special cases, the best players will be present at the P2.

The gratin in Bordeaux and Brussels

And if this argument hasn't yet convinced you, here's what two P2 organizers say. Jean-Thomas Peyrou (Bordeaux): “The new calendar Premier Padel must allow us to welcome the best in the world. I could never have imagined one day seeing Bela, Coello, Lebron and the best players in the world play in Bordeaux.”

Same story on the side of Vincent Laureyssens, organizer of the Brussels stage: “We are guaranteed to have 100% of the world Top 20 in Brussels. Team players Bullpadel must participate in the tournament for contract reasons, and we also have the famous bronze racket, which is now worth €30 for each player who wins the Brussels tournament twice in three years, so Coello, Tapia, Lebron, Galan, Josemaria, Sanchez, Salazar and Triay must come to try to win the racket. Bela confirmed to me personally that he was coming.”

A top level welcome

You have understood, the best players in the world are not going to ignore the P2s, which are high-level tournaments, with a financial allocation greater than that of the former WPT Open 1000s. Tournaments that will have almost nothing to envy of those in higher categories besides points and a little prize money: “The players are staying at the 5* Amigo hotel in Brussels, the most beautiful hotel in Belgium, and they love coming to the capital of Europe!” continues Vincent. The location also, the Gare Maritime Tour & Taxis, still promises an exceptional show.

In Bordeaux, the players will also be welcomed in the best conditions, with Mickaël Llodra, the former professional tennis player, who will be able to pass on all his experience of international tennis tournaments.

As you can see, the P2s will be high-class tournaments, with the best players in the world who will be present, and we should be treated to two very nice parties in Bordeaux and Brussels!

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