Discover the paintings of FIP Rise of Rome 2021, which begins tomorrow Wednesday March 24. Let's see the fate that was reserved for the three French pairs.

At the gentlemen, the two French pairs present go directly into the main draw. They will therefore start their tournament Friday. Finally seeded number 4 following a last minute registration, Johan Bergeron and Benjamin Tison will face an Italian pair: Cristian Ilardi and Fabrizio Fanti.

To Pierre-Etienne Morillon and Thomas Brissaud, this is the entry seed number 8, again an Italian pair: Emanuele Fanti and Bruno Michele.

At the girls, Alix Collombon and Jessica Ginier, seed number 1 will also be opposed to an Italian pair: Roberta Maldera and Susanna Cordone.

Collombon ginier qualified final p2000 Pyramides

See you on Friday for these three face-to-face France-Italy.

In the meantime if you want to take a look at the tables, it's happening HERE !

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