The organizer of the South American tour of World Padel Tour, Lisandro Borges, was very angry with Alejandro Galan following the package of numbers 1 for the WPT La Rioja Open.

As you will see, the Argentinian businessman, not convinced by Galan's version, don't mince words!

"They don't care about padel Argentine"

“I am very sad, it is deplorable. The Spaniards Alejandro Galan and Juan Lebron, on the eve of the most important tournament in the history of the padel Argentinian, forfeited by inventing an injury.”

“Galan suffers from a chronic injury (in his knee), so he chooses which tournaments he wants to participate in or not. He did the same last year in Mexico. After playing in Buenos Aires, he invented an injury. It is very sad to boycott in this way the padel Argentinian but also worldwide.”

"They don't care about padel Argentinian, and people who paid their entrance and the trip to come and see the world number 1 in La Rioja. It shows us the lack of ethics and morals they have.”

“A few days ago we heard that they were talking with other players to try a kind of general boycott. They offered several players to withdraw due to injury but no Argentine player agreed to participate in this madness. The other Spanish players for the most part did not want to do like them either. […] The example given by the world numbers 1 to young people is truly lamentable.”

Arroyo/Yanguas and Nieto/Lima pairs not spared either

“There are a lot of things that people don't know. There cannot be two circuits, there cannot be three Formula 1, three NBA, three tennis ATP, that does not exist. Some players do a lot of harm to the padel, especially Galan, who was a poor child, and who has been helped since childhood by the Damm Foundation.”

Lisandro also does not fail to settle accounts with the pairs Arroyo/Yanguas et Nieto/Lima whom he also accuses of playing the same game.

Find the video in its entirety (in Spanish) just below:

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