Hello everyone. Follow the final Alix Collombon - Jessica Ginier (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes league) against Léa Godallier - Mélissa Martin (New Aquitaine league). A live commented by Adrien Pittore.

(15h10) 6 / 2; 6 / 1: they did it, they are champions of France. The Collombon - Ginier pair win their last match against Godallier - Martin. A third title synonymous with record but also the first games lost in this championship of France.

(15h06) 6 / 2; 5 / 1: Collombon - Ginier, it's really very strong.

Despite the score that may seem severe, we are really on the very very high level.

(15h02) 6 / 2; 4 / 1: Which point of 15 / 30. Godallier and Martin in attack. They push their opponents to the bottom and drop waves of smashes. But that's not enough. And when success is not there. Jessica Ginier, from the wood of her racket, manages to find an impossible angle. The rest of the game: very high level. We send bricks on bricks (and again, you do not have the sound) and it starts anyway. Lea Godallier considerably increases his level of play and concludes in force. In addition, the players return three times tied 40 / 40. It takes a stroke of genius Alix Collombon, with the help of the fence, to conclude this game.

(14h55) 6 / 2; 3 / 1: Frankly, what to say. It plays well, it's solid, well in place. Godallier and Martin make kilometers in a "so little box ".

(14h52) 6 / 2; 2 / 1: Godallier and Martin cling and even win a new game. They try to outsmart Collombon and Ginier but the Rhone pair are the most enterprising at the net. A break in advance.

(14h42) 6 / 2: To tell you how powerful the game is, our computer for the live commented to crash! Otherwise, Godallier and Martin play their game, try things. We are very far from the one-sided match. Better, they take a second game to "Ex-Invincibles". But the march is still high to bring down the French top. 1er set for Collombon and Ginier. Positive point: the stands were superbly fulfilled. There are very few seats available.

(14h28) 3 / 1: The smash does not pass for Léa Godallier. Directly in the net. On the other hand, it is clean for Collombon - Ginier, very few direct faults and it pushes continuously in bottom of short.

(14h25) 2 / 1: More powerful, more precise, Collombon - Ginier take the advantage. Big big start of the match and important debauchery of energy.

(14h23) 1 / 1: This is a real feat for the Godalier - Martin pair! Collombon / Ginier had not let slip a single game of the competition!

(14h18) 1 / 0: Godallier - Martin are on the offensive, but the defense of Collombon and Ginier allows them to return and take their service.

Thank you for following this live commented by Adrien Pittore for Padel Magazine.



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