In a recent interview with our colleagues from Sport, Alejandro galan returned to his separation from Juan lebron, which will take place at the end of this tournament. The two players have, in fact, decided to separate after four years of competition with each other.

Obviously, this separation is a bit surprising. Certainly, many rumors had swelled at the end of last season but, ultimately, the two men had decided to continue together. They even started this new season with a title against COELLO/TAPIA, the only ones to have beaten them this season.

Their last tournament together

Nevertheless, the separation is recorded and will take effect at the end of this Mexico GNP P1. Alejandro Galan admitted that since the beginning of the week, “there are a lot of emotions to deal with“, although both players try to “bring out our most professional side".

For their last tournament together, Ale Galan and Juan Lebron started off pretty badly, with a scare from the first round. Although they got through it, we could have witnessed a premature end to this team which has thrilled us over the last four seasons.

Regarding the episode in Qatar, Alejandro Galan seems to have calmed down on the subject "Doha was an unfortunate act that he regrets.” He even adds: “II obviously understand Juan's excuses, I am with him, I forgive him no problem.” So obviously, we ask ourselves: Does he regret his choice? to separate from Lobo ?

lebron galan

His change of partner

Obviously, the Galantico will not reconsider its decision. This change, he needed it "when your body asks you for these changes and these new projects, you do not regret having decided.” He also assures that he “wants really playing with Fede Chingotto."

We are therefore witnessing Lebron/Galan's last dance. A page that the native of Madrid wishes “finish in style“. Because despite the differences of recent weeks, his relationship with LeBron has “not changed".

They will therefore try to qualify for the final this evening, against the superpibes, to enjoy one last dance together.

Gwenaelle Souyri

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