Nada Majdoubi will be able to participate this year for the first time in the French Championships of padel. The opportunity for us to meet her.

Already an old one in France

Padel Magazine : Nada Majdoubi is finally French. So we'll see you soon at the French Championships?!

Well, as you say (laughs). Yes that's it, the long-awaited moment has arrived, I'm happy to finally be able to participate in these French Championships that I have watched from afar for years.

And for my first participation we are one of the 12 automatically qualified pairs with Laurine (Bergaud), so I couldn't dream of better!

Padel Magazine : You are already one of the experienced in France: tell us a little about your story in the padel and how you ended up working for Bullpadel.

Nada Majdoubi: I am in the world of padel since 2017 so yes it’s starting to happen! I started little by little by combining tennis and padel, until switcher completely for the padel in 2018.

During my studies I had the opportunity to do my internships in different brands, which allowed me to land my current position at Bullpadel which I am very happy with, it is a luxury to be able to combine work and passion, I am very grateful.

My competitive spirit means that I try as much as possible to continue the tournaments within reason to keep a correct ranking and above all to spend pleasant moments with the girls because we create great friendships.

We no longer confuse padel and paddle

PM: If it were necessary to make tops and flops in the evolution of padel, what would you say?

NM: Concerning the tops, there is a significant rise, the padel becoming more and more professional. I remember a few years ago we systematically confused the padel with paddle boarding on the water, and now the mix is ​​almost non-existent.

Always, on top we can also talk about the major major events organized in France (such as Roland-Garros, the WPT in Toulouse and now the P2 in Bordeaux, as well as upcoming FIPs almost everywhere).

And the consequence of this professionalism is that we see a much more competitive and individualistic state of mind, therefore a different mentality compared to when I started...

PM: We see in Acapulco that it's hard for the French at the moment at the highest level. What are your feelings about this?

NM: I find that it is already positive to have so many French pairs present in this tournament and in the others Premier Padel Also. But in fact, as we can see everywhere, the competition is getting tougher and tougher. Without mentioning the Spaniards who are a real step ahead of us, we are seeing that more and more players from other European countries (Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Portugal, etc.) are present in international tournaments.  

But our French men and women will continue to measure themselves against all these players in order to find a place among the world's elite.

Alternatives to Spain in France

PM: We see a lot of players going to Spain to train and try to progress, do you think that at some point the players will stay in France?

NM: Leaving is an increasingly widespread phenomenon. And that is understandable, Spain is the temple of padel, so it's good to want to progress there and confront the best players, it's a great experience when you can afford it.

But I find that in France we have more and more good infrastructures and good coaches, so why not give this alternative a chance while going to international tournaments from time to time or even occasional training sessions for play with different players?

Among the girls, we see that on the one hand some players complain that there are too few tournaments, and on the other hand we see clubs which are having difficulty completing their events. What is your opinion on the matter?

NM: Yes indeed it is a subject that comes up very often. It is certain that there are much fewer of us in France. I also find that the relationship to competition is different for girls compared to men: girls prefer to play for fun.

For the girls involved in the P1000,1500, 2000 and P1500 competitions, I find that the calendar this year is so broad geographically that a selection is made automatically, favoring the P2000 and P1000, as well as the nearby PXNUMXs.

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