From from January 2, 2024, Nox will be distributed in France by Start Distrib: a union forged by the passion for padel.

Interview with Kristina Clément, Jérôme Boronad, Christophe Peauger, and François Rajnic.

Start Distrib, an entity exclusively dedicated to Nox

Kristina Clément: NOX is today one of the biggest brands in padel internationally and is notably the number 1 brand in Spain, the largest market in padel in the world. Our objective in France is to promote the excellence of our products, already acclaimed by Agustín Tapia, world number one. We therefore opted for a reorganization of our French distribution, entrusting it to an entity exclusively dedicated to Nox. This new organization involves entrusting the brand to a distributor who will have its stock in France, which Start Distrib was able to offer.

From January 2, this company will ensure the exclusive distribution of the Nox brand in France and Monaco.

Kristina Clément with Jérôme Boronad and the two regional managers: François Rajnic and Christophe Peauger
Kristina Clément with Jérôme Boronad and the two regional managers François Rajnic and Christophe Peauger

Nox, obvious

Jerome Boronad: My passion for padel has been around for a long time. My partner and I were looking to develop a distribution branch within our company, which until then had been focused on retail. Meeting Nox, a brand perfectly aligned with our values, was obvious.

2 regional managers dedicated to the brand

Jerome Boronad: Our goal is to harmonize Nox’s international excellence with our local expertise. We want to be as close as possible to our customers. To achieve this, we rely on our two dedicated regional managers: François Rajnic in the west and Christophe Peauger in the east of France.

François Rajnic: At 20 years old, I am ranked 156th French player in Padel. My sporting and academic career led me to this role of representative for a sports brand. When Jérôme contacted me, I seized this opportunity to make my dream come true by combining my professional desire and my passion for padel.

Christophe Peauger: I have 30 years of experience, marked by an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for sport and business. Former tennis player ranked 5-6, converted to padel 10 years ago and ranked 115th. Jérôme's proposal sounded obvious to me.

François Rajnic
Christophe Peauger


Franck Binisti

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