christened SmartStrap, this new system signed Nox allows you to replace your wrist strap without any problem. Perfect for cleaning or in case of wear.

SmartStrap Nox Logo

It has happened to many players of padel. The strap of the pala breaks, and we find ourselves having to improvise in MacGyver to be able to find a solution. Remember that the wrist strap is mandatory at padel, and therefore a pala without a strap is simply unusable.

The other concern that can be encountered with this strap concerns hygiene. Indeed, if you sweat a lot while playing, the strap quickly becomes wet and it can therefore be subject to bad odors. Not necessarily pleasant when you want to lend your racket to a friend ... In this period of pandemic, this obviously presents a risk of more transmission.

In order to solve these problems, Nox has invented a new system called SmartStrap, which allows you to change the strap whenever you want, in a very simple way. Perfect for cleaning, drying or changing it when it breaks or starts to show signs of wear. All this without losing your warranty! A very intelligent system which will now accompany all the new Nox palas in the Luxury, Pro and Advanced ranges.

In addition, for the purchase of one of these palas, you will receive two straps: a classic and a bracelet. So you can choose the system that suits you best!

To show you how the SmartStrap system works, who other than the whimsical Miguel Lamperti, longtime brand ambassador!


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