NXPadel is the most innovative company in the world of playgrounds padel.

A unique fiberglass structure

We are an Italian manufacturer of football pitches. padel with fiberglass structure; a globally patented solution that offers objective and strategic advantages to all players in the world of padel : installers, club managers and players.

A pitch that guarantees a perfect gaming experience and player safety thanks to the mechanical characteristics of Fiberglass that increase shock absorption on impact with the mesh.

A terrain that does not lose its aesthetics over time, as it is rustproof, resistant and resilient. It reduces maintenance to zero and allows the club and installer to offer top quality services to their own customers.

ComfortGlass: lighter glass and lighter installation

NXPadel, in addition to its Fiberglass technology for the structures of padel, developed ComfortGlass. It is a synthetic glass designed with a specific compound that perfectly reproduces the playability of tempered glass but offers incomparable advantages: game safety, indestructibility, scratch and UV resistance, lightness and ease of installation.

By combining the Fiberglass structure and the ComfortGlass, we create the most revolutionary, innovative and solid court available; a land that facilitates the work of companies in the sector and that offers players an exciting and safe gameplay. 

The models

Track templates can be customized to your preference…

  • structures
  • Verres
  • NXTurf (Carpets)
  • Accessories


Learn more about NXPadel and its solutions and to be part of our international network, visit the website www.nxpadel.com and contact us at ciao@nxpadel.com.