It's official, Juani De Pascual and Agustin Torre have just announced it on Instagram: they will share the track in 2024 on the A1 circuit Padel.

Just after announcing the end of his association with Diego Ramos, Agustin Torre revealed the name of the player with whom he will share the track in 2024: it is the young left-hander Juani De Pascual.

De Pascual, 3rd, and Torre, 7th, will undoubtedly form a solid duo. Enough to thwart Dal Bianco / Arce's plans? Hard to say.

In any case, after Aguirre / Alfonso, here is a new interesting pair at the top of the A1 table Padel. Now we're waiting to see what veterans Tito Allemandi and Diego Ramos will do in 2024!

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