It's official, the P2000 scheduled for this weekend in Toulouse Padel Club is canceled due to new restrictions following the upsurge in Covid-19 cases.

The FFT has it announced last night in an email sent to players registered for P2000.

“To follow up on our email yesterday and after having read the prefectural decree of this evening, we are unfortunately obliged to stop the P2000 tournament in Toulouse Padel Club tonight, after qualifying.

As we could fear, the Prefecture of Haute Garonne has just announced new measures and in particular the closure of sports halls from this evening, Friday September 25 at midnight.

Despite the circumstances, we would like to sincerely thank you for your presence and your commitment which prove your passion for the Padel.

We hope to meet you soon, as soon as sanitary conditions allow. ”

Un hard blow firstly for Toulouse Padel Club, and indoor clubs in general, which go still find yourself in a very difficult economic situation.

The FFT sees a second P2000 canceled in just over a month, and one wonders, in view of the turn of events, if the following 3 will be able to take place.

Finally, players are obviously very disappointed and angry for some, since they moved to Toulouse for nothing, and therefore lost time, and money, in transport, accommodation ... Unlike the P2000 of Perpignan which had been canceled following a fault by the FFT, they will not be this time not compensated since the responsibility of the Federation is not in question here.

Hopefully at the end of these two weeks, the gyms can reopen and that we will once again have the opportunity to fully enjoy our favorite sport!

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