Le padel has been expanding for a few years and is now attracting new Moroccan followers.

In fact, there are more and more clubs and fields in some Moroccan cities. We have listed for you some clubs of padel and multi-sport clubs where you can practice. Passing by Casablanca, Marrakech, Agadir or Rabat, here are the clubs that will highlight all your talent:

Tamaris Foot & Padel

We will start our list with the Tamaris Foot & Padel which is located in Casablanca, road of Azzemour, in the province Nouacer. In addition to the quality of the courts of padel offered outdoors, football enthusiasts can also indulge in the practice of football.

City Ball

Let us now take the direction of City Ball, which is located on the Oasis road in Casablanca. This quality sports field not only honors the padel, but you can also try your hand at football, basketball or squash with family or friends. You can also reserve a court for various events (organization of private tournaments, birthdays, etc.).

Green City Arena

Now let's continue with theGreen City Arena, club located P3020, Bouskoura 27182, south of Casablanca. This outdoor sports complex is located in a lush environment, enough to combine business with pleasure. In addition to having numerous football pitches, the sports complex also has six football pitches. padel. You can of course take advantage of its café/restaurant, as well as the children's playground.

French friendly circle of Casablanca

This is certainly one of the most famous sports clubs in Morocco. It's about French friendly circle of Casablanca, which is located avenue Omar El Khayam, Beauséjour district (in the center of Casa). In this 18-hectare sports club, let yourself be seduced by the section padel, which puts at your disposal no less than six tracks, all lit. The club also has two beautiful terraces overlooking the central courts, ideal for recharging your batteries between two matches. Come and enjoy this wonderful sporting place!

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French Friendly Circle of Casablanca

Palmeraie Country Club

Then you have the Palmeraie Country Club, located in Bouskoura. Just a few minutes from Casablanca, this idyllic setting combines charm, relaxation and sport, while blending in perfectly with the Bouskoura forest. This is a private club so remember to register before going there. Alone, as a couple, with family or friends, come and enjoy state-of-the-art sports equipment to perfect your mastery of padel.

Green Sports Park

Let us now take the direction of Green Sports Park, which is located on the Bouskoura road, still in Casablanca. This adventure sports center is a warm, friendly place where the key words are sport and relaxation. In addition to these numerous lands of padel accessible to the public, this club offers a basketball court, an educational farm for children, a fitness room, a restaurant, and even a spa. That's something to delight more than one!


Young and old, this place is made to please you. If you were looking for a place to train at padel in a fun setting, look no further. We tell you about VGK, located at exit Mohammedia Est-Benslimane 20650 Morocco, northeast of Casablanca. This Sports and Leisure village is one of the largest outdoor leisure centers in Morocco. In addition, the Benslimane sports association offers initiation or coaching programs that can be adapted for you or your child. How to quickly become a pro padel !

Academy Padel Nacho Payan

Do you know theAcademy Padel Nacho Payan, which is located on the Oasis road, in Casablanca? It is a reference place in terms of padel since this is the first academy of padel in Morocco, based in Casablanca since 2018. Come in complete relaxation and fortify your bases in padel, or on the contrary measure yourself against Nacho Payán, the coach certified by the Spanish Federation of padel.

COC Tennis

We continue our list of places where you can practice padel in Morocco with the COC Tennis, located at Beauséjour Casablanca 20 000. Although the key word in this club is tennis, it still has three tennis courts. padel : two outdoors in porous concrete and one track covered in resin. The common point: they are all very well lit and secure, enough to allow you to fully concentrate on your game.

Atlas Tennis Marrakech Academy

We have decided to tell you about theAtlas Tennis Marrakech Academy which is located route de l'Ourika 4000, 20 minutes from the center of Marrakech. Don't be fooled by its name, because this academy does not only specialize in teaching tennis to children and adults. It also has courses that can be adapted according to the different levels of the players, either individually or in groups (women's groups, men's groups, Atlas Padel Kids Academy). Come train until 22:00 p.m. closing time.

Center F5

Now let's explore the Center F5. This Moroccan sports club, located 11 route de Fès, Ouidane 4000 Marrakech, has also been brought up to date with the padel. With its multisport ground, you can come and deliver a match at any time. padel . Access to changing rooms allows you to cool off even in hot weather.

Club Padel Morocco

If you are ever passing through Rabat, we strongly advise you to make a short detour via the Club Padel Morocco. Located route de Meknes 879 RC, 11 100, this club will certainly have everything to please you. This is the place not to be missed for lovers of padel, or novices who wish to improve their skills in this sport. A subscription plan is also available for all followers.

friendly circle of padel

Le friendly circle of padel of the city of Tangier welcomes you from Monday to Sunday, from 9:30 a.m. to midnight. An ideal time slot so that you can find the time that suits you. To do this, just go to Boubana, Tangier 90. This modern sports club promotes the development and total inclusion of padel within the Moroccan community. In addition to benefiting from valuable advice, you can equip yourself with quality sporting goods that are on sale on site.

Padel office

Direction now the city of Agadir, at the edge of the ocean, with the Padel office which is located rue Ibn ElArabi, Agadir 80 000. Considered as the club of Padel number 1 in Agadir, it has four outdoor courts, a shop, a clubhouse area, a refreshment bar, a restaurant and a terrace which you can enjoy on sunny days, it is ie very often.

Oujda Soccer

To end this list, we will try to draw you into the Oujda Soccer, located in Riyad Isly, very close to the border with Algeria. This sports complex lives up to any expectations you might have. In addition to its five football pitches, it has two padel. In addition, the staff that manages this complex knows how to show professionalism, kindness and helpfulness. You feel good there when you are there, so we are waiting for you there!

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Eleonore Coulibaly

What a pleasure to be a journalist in the middle of the padel, an attractive growing sport. I hope you enjoy the content offered. See you soon perhaps on the slopes!