The criteria for approval of tracks by the Leagues require compliance with specific standards in terms of height and dimensions, adapted to the competition category. It should be noted that a semi-covered track is treated as an outdoor track in terms of regulations.

Height of covered structures

Regarding the height of covered structures, the recommendation is clear: “as high as possible”. This direction aims to optimize the gaming experience and adapt to the requirements of various tournaments, including P1000, P1500, P2000 and the French Championships. The selection of clubs for the organization of these events is carried out by the National Council of Padel (CNP), following a national call for applications process.

Existing installations with a height of 7 meters remain eligible to apply. However, the CNP will favor clubs offering slopes with exits and maximum height, without forgetting the reception conditions which are, of course, taken into account.

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Spaces for exiting the slopes

The need for spaces for track exits varies depending on the importance of the tournament or competition. There are two main configurations:

  1. Track with exit without possible installation of a referee chair: for this type of configuration, a clearance of 2 meters x 8 meters on each side of the track is sufficient.
  2. Track with exit and possible installation of a referee chair: It is recommended to provide a clearance of at least 4 meters on one side of the track to allow the installation of a referee's chair.

Do not hesitate to contact the leagues to obtain additional information.

Track builders padel can also be good contacts to refine your project.

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