It's the big comeback of the P2000s, at the Mas, in Perpignan. Qualifying starts at 14:00 p.m. today, let's see which pairs will compete against each other to try to get a place in the table.

Among the men, several absent to deplore

On the men's side, we find 6 of the 8 players who were present in Marbella at the European Championship. The big absentees are Jérémy Scatena and Jérôme Inzerillo. No Robin Haziza either, nor Max Moreau. Jérôme Ferrandez and Rémi Gourre are also absent, as are José Luis Salines, Dimitri Huet or Eric Quillet to name a few. Contrary to what we have seen before, no foreigner from the World Padel Tour made the trip to France.

Despite all this, the picture still looks good and we should attend some great games on the Mas side this weekend!

FFT Padel Tour Perpignan 2021 men's table

Qualifying which begins today at 14:00 p.m. promises to be fierce, with many Top 100 players !

FFT Qualifications Padel Tour Perpignan 2021

For girls, classic

On the women's side, there are 7 of the players who were present in Marbella, the only absent being Mai Vo. The members of the selection camp are also almost all present. We therefore find Fiona Ligi, associated with the Spanish Ariadna Rovira, Elodie Invernon and Géraldine Sorel, and Lucile Pothier, who will evolve with Wendy Barsotti. Charlotte Villeminot, and her partner Océane Kik are however absent.

FFT Padel Women's final table round Perpignan 2021

In qualifying, 7 pairs will compete to get the last two places in the final table. Here again, we find several members of the Top 100!

FFT Padel Tour Perpignan ladies qualifying


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