The FFT has unveiled the names of the 8 players and 8 players who will fly to the European Championships which will take place in Marbella from June 28 to July 4.

The ladies selection

Among the girls, here are the 8 players who were selected:

  • Wendy Barsotti
  • Alix Collombon
  • Amelie Feaugas
  • Léa Godallier
  • Melissa Martin
  • Charlotte Soubrié
  • Marianne Vandaele
  • Mai Vo
  • Breeder: Robin Haziza

The feeling is obviously the absence of Jessica Ginier. Injured in the ankle before the selection camp, she will not be able to hold her place.

Then, little surprise with the presence of Wendy Barsotti which will honor its first selection. When we had it interviewed a year and a half ago, the current 14th French player confided in us that she wanted to join the French team in the long term. It is now done!

Then it's classic with the members of the WPT Top 40, Alix Collombon and Léa Godallier, as leaders.

Melissa Martin who was present in Perpignan but who could not play due to a psoas injury will be well on the trip to Marbella. We find other players who wore the blue jersey in previous competitions with the Vo / Feaugas and Soubrié / Vandaele pairs!

We may obviously be surprised to the absence of Fiona Ligi, who, given his young age and his experience on the French circuit and even on the WPT, seemed ready to glean his first selection. Lucile Pothier, who had made a strong impression at the internship, was not selected either.

For the moment, it is difficult to know who will play with whom since in the absence of Jessica Ginier, it is rumored that Alix Collombon and Léa Godallier will pass to the left!

The men's selection

Among the men, the players who will be present in Andalusia are as follows:

  • Johan Bergeron
  • Bastien Blanqué
  • Jerome Inzerillo
  • Thomas Leygue
  • Adrien Maigret
  • Jean-Thomas Peyrou
  • Jérémy Scatena
  • Benjamin Tison
  • Breeder: Alexis Salles

As with girls, we find the hard core of the France team with Bergeron, Blanqué, Maigret, Scatena and Tison.

Thomas Leygue, who trains in Madrid and who competes in the World Padel Tour will also be there. The youngest player on the team, he represents in a way the future of the padel French.

Jerome Inzerillo It seemed obvious to us in view of his results in recent months, his past as a high-level tennis player, his investment and his room for improvement.

The question mainly concerned the last place, and it is ultimately Jean-Thomas Peyrou that was chosen. The Bordelais was therefore preferred to Yann Auradou, Justin Lopes, François Authier and Rémy Gourre. Whoever shares the track with Adrien Maigret, will bring all his enthusiasm to this selection!

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