Coirault and Brissaud won the P500 which was held this weekend at the Spoon Center, the first for nearly 6 months.

28 pairs were present for this first tournament organized for 6 months at the Spoon Center! And we can say that there were beautiful people since 5 Top 100 players were present this weekend on the 2 grounds of the Spoon. In the end, they are gentlemen Coirault and Brissaud who imposed themselves against Sanchez / Joulot.

For the Spoon Center, it was a great honor to welcome players from all over France in Nivernais lands, all in a family atmosphere as the club has been trying to do for 3 years, from old-fashioned padel as we do. love with madness in the club house and show on the pitch.

Spoon Center Tournament P500

The club thanks all the participants and gives you an appointment 19/20 December for a p500 H et 7/8 November for a 500 Ladies, which we hope will be just as beautiful!

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