Padel Galis and Fernando Belasteguin decided to create, in partnership with Realturf Systems, a synthetic turf called PGR by Bela, and specially designed to improve the playing experience of players, whether amateurs or professionals.

This new turf promises better ball bounce, increased impact absorption and, therefore, reduced injuries, all certified by the Valencia Institute of Biomechanics and the Spanish Football Federation. padel.

One of the main advantages of the PGR coating is first of all the fact that it allows more slipping, avoiding excessive grip. Second, reducing the deformation capacity of the coating during impacts promises increased durability.

Fernando Belasteguín emphasizes for his part that this grass has a clear effect on the interaction with the ball. Indeed, by allowing the latter to arrive faster and stronger on the racket, it promotes offensive play as the legendary Argentine player explains.

This grass, which has the added advantage of being made from 100% recyclable filaments, already promises to be a bestseller!

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