Thomas Leygue no longer needs to be presented: the player of only 22 years ago, is already a double French champion, French team champion and active French number 1. A young prodigy in the sport, Thomas stands out for his exceptional talent, his unwavering determination and his love for the game.

Now he partners with one of the most efficient manufacturers on the market, Padel360.

A look back at Thomas Leygue’s career

Originally from Aix-en-Provence, Thomas Leygue began playing tennis From the earliest age. His passion and commitment to racquet sport led him to discover the padel at the age of 15 years in his club.

Sa impeccable technique or his strategic vision of the game, to speed on the field have made him a formidable player, ready to face the greatest challenges.

His meteoric rise in the world of padel was marked by resounding victories in local, national and even international tournaments.

Thomas Leygue plays the competitive spirit of padel, combining agility and game intelligence to dominate his opponents. His unique playing style and charismatic personality captivate fans.

The course of Padel360

For its part, Padel360 is a company that was created in 2022 by Martin Aguettaz, former manager of a club padel, passionate about this racket sport. It is also a national distributor of a reservation application. Its 360 concept allows to satisfy any customer having a project padel thanks to comprehensive support.

The company works with the country with the most experience in the padel, spain.

Indeed, JuboPadel, present in the world's top 3 suppliers of land padel, has experience in over 25 years in the field. Padel360 is proud to be a partner of this quality supplier.

The association between Padel360 and Thomas Leygue

Thomas Leygue does not just play padel, he seeks to push his limits in this sport. It is in this spirit that he agreed to become ambassador of Padel360, a manufacturer known for its commitment to excellence, innovation and support for emerging athletes.

The partnership between Thomas Leygue and Padel360 goes beyond simple association: it is a collaboration which aims to create a synergy between the raw talent of the player and the expertise of the company in the construction of playing fields padel peak.

A union for the future

With Thomas Leygue as ambassador, Padel360 and the world of padel can expect a bright future. THE Aficionados will enjoy watching Thomas perform spectacularly on the pitches Padel360, powered by innovation, the quality of the infrastructure and the equipment provided.

This partnership also allows joint initiatives aimed at promoting padel, to encourage the participation of young people and to create an ever more engaged community around this sport.

Thomas Leygue and Padel360 getting ready to write a new chapter in the history of padel. A story where passion meets innovation, and where talent meets excellence.