The start of the season for Paquito Navarro and Juan Tello has not lived up to expectations, so that rumors of separation are already emerging.

After loss to Lucas Campagnolo and Maxi Sanchez, the Andalusian, always appreciated by the public especially for his outspokenness, did not hesitate to publish a post on his Instagram account to talk about the situation.

The Andalusian assumes that this is not the dream start to the season, but wants to look for solutions, and try one last time to get there. In view of the message, and in particular the part where he thanks “El Gato” for having believed in his “crazy idea”, we imagine that Paquito is ready to play completely on the right, he who explained during the first lap that it was sometimes better for Tello to be on this side of the track. As we saw against Campagnolo / Sanchez, the Argentinian did not seem really happy to have to go to the right side…

Either way, Paquito and Juan are entered together for the WPTs of La Rioja, Chile and Paraguay, so they have at least three tournaments left to play together. And we imagine that these two leaders of the padel are not going to settle for eliminations in the first or second round!

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