If we always enjoy seeing the best players in the world at work, we saw at the start of the season that according to the fans, two pairs were really favorites for 2024: Coello / Tapia and Lebron / Galan, Stupa and Di Nenno arriving quite far behind.

An earthquake that breaks a certain monotony

And despite this, many of you thought that the super kids, although less strong in your eyes than the two pairs mentioned above, were well above the fray for third place. In other words, we seemed to be heading towards a somewhat monotonous year, with a very dominant “Big 3”.

But while the first two tournaments reserved their share of surprises for us, with first the sensation Oria / Sager, then a Yanguas and a Garrido who showed that they could hope for better than playing second roles, we witnessed a real earthquake with the separation of Lebron and Galan.

lebron galan

And if certain aficionados, who hoped to see a real hand to hand all season between the Spaniards and Coello / Tapia, are a little disappointed, others are delighted at the idea of ​​seeing new pairs battling at the top of the padel World.

A mess of questions

Today, many questions are being asked, and excitement is building before the P2 in Puerto Cabello and especially in Brussels. In Venezuela we will see the first appearance of Chingotto and Galan. Will this pair, which arouses great expectations among fans, be able to fight against Arturo and Agustin, but also against Martin and Franco?

Then in Belgium, we should first see the returns of the Paquito / Lebron, Momo Gonzalez / Alex Ruiz and Sanyo / Maxi pairs, but also the brand new Bela / Tello association. What hierarchy can we expect between all these pairs? At what level will Fernando Belasteguin be on the right side? Will “El Gato” Tello regain the confidence he seems to have lost since the end of his association with Chingotto? When will we see Ale Galan and Juan LeBron opposed? Which of the two Spaniards will fare better at the end of the season? …

You understand, many questions arise and we feel a palpable excitement among all the Aficionados.

But before that, the players are Acapulco this week, also with several questions: will Garrido and Yanguas confirm their incredible Qatar Major and establish themselves as a leading pair in the long term? Will Lebron and Galan end their adventure on a good note ? Will Bela and Capra finally show great things together? What to expect from a Sanyo and a Paquito who are already ready to part ways?

All these announcements of changes have put the planet padel in turmoil, so we shouldn't be bored in the weeks to come!

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