Defeated in the group stage in the first event, which had seen the Miami Padel Club leaves with the final victory, the Los Angeles Beat players surprised everyone in Florida during the second stage of the Pro Padel League.

Led by a Tolito Aguirre and a Javi Leal in great form, the players from the City of Angels dominated the Flowrida Goats 2 points to 1 in the final.

The match for third place was won by the Arkansas Matrix (2-1) against the Toronto Polar Bears. New fourth place for the representatives of Canada, who lost narrowly to LA in the semi-final (7/6 for Castello / Aguirre against Iglesias / Barahona in the decisive mixed), but who will always be able to console themselves by saying they were the only team to make the final four in both events!

See you in August (12th to 17th) in Los Angeles for the third stage of the competition!

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