If you feel like you want to take the previous women of Premier Padel Puerto Cabello P2 has not yet started, we already know that there will be two French women in the main draw of the competition.

Indeed, in addition to Alix Collombon and Julieta Bidahorria, who form the number 10 pair of the tournament, and the Touly / Fernandes duo, we will have another French player present in the famous checks, either Élodie Invernon or Camille Sireix.

Since the competition was not completely full in terms of entries, Camille Sireix and Alba Carmona found themselves with a bye in the first round of previas. And by chance of the draw, the Frenchwoman and her Spanish partner find the 2nd seed of these qualifications, Invernon / Melo in the second round of the previas.

And as there are only two qualifying rounds for the girls, these two pairs will face each other this Monday for a place in the main draw.

The meeting will take place in the fifth rotation of the day. With matches starting at 14:00 p.m. in France, this should be early evening. The match will not be broadcast but you will be able to follow the score here.

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