As we told you recently, Federico Chingotto and Miguel Yanguas registered together for the FIP Platinum Sardegna.

And expectations are high from fans regarding these two right-wing players who form the 1 seed in the Italian tournament.

We first wonder which of the two men will move to the left: Yanguas, who measures 1m90 seems best suited for the role, but Chingotto, despite his small size, had impressed on that side of the track during the WPT Master Final 2022… The suspense therefore remains, and we will only have the answer this Thursday, when the two men enter the competition.

Then, we wonder about the level of this pair. Can Miguel and Fede, who never play together but are individually the two best players in the tournament on paper, live up to their status and win the competition?

Questions that mobilize the community padel, and the players understood this very well, asking their fans on Instagram who was going to play on the left. Which made a lot of people react, including the Argentinian's usual teammates and the Andalusian... Indeed, like the good troublemaker that he is, Paquito Navarro wasted no time in lighting the fuse. A little “jealous” to see the exposure this new duo enjoys, the former world number 1 proposed a little challenge to Fernando Belasteguin: go to Sardinia to “smoke” Yanguas and Chingotto.

An idea which apparently appealed to Bela, who replied: “Find a club, we play against them, but let them come without cameras because that’s the end of their marketing and all that smoke!”

Photo credit Padel Addict

Obviously, these messages should be taken with humor, a bit like when Paquito pinned Juan Martin Diaz a few days ago!

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