Arturo Coello Manso is a professional player of padel. Born on March 8, 2002 in Valladolid, Spain, the left-hander is clearly part of the gratin of the padel World.

We already told you about him when he started, as the new young prodigy of the padel global. And indeed, the young Spaniard has come a long way since he now occupies fourth position in the standings of the World Padel Tour, and the first to Race!

Backhand volley arturo Coello WPT Head Gamma Pro 2021

Back to the Coello phenomenon

Arturo Coello revealed himself to the general public in 2020 when he started playing with Ivan Ramirez Del Campo. A pair that started in previas, before gradually settling in the main tables of the World Padel Tour.

A physical player, Coello takes advantage in particular of his large size (1m90) to distill super-powerful strikes, especially at the smash. Very aggressive, he obviously has a game much more centered on attack than on defense.

Iconic partners by its side

Among Arturo Coello's teammates, we can note Miguel Lamperti with whom he partnered during 2021. Together they participated in the WPT Adeslas Madrid Open, the FIP Gold Stockholm which they also won.

They, however, separated in July 2021.

Lamperti Madrid Open 2021 Padel Coach Coello

After briefly playing with Javi Ruiz and then Alex Arroyo, Arturo Coello decided to continue with the greatest legend of our sport: Fernando Belasteguin.

From the end of 2021 to 2022, the talented Spaniard and the experienced Argentinian therefore formed one of the most harmonious pairs on the circuit. It is alongside Bela thatArturo won the very first Open of his career on the World Padel Tour.

Belasteguin coello victory vamos marbella

Together, the two men first won a second title in the WPT Madrid Masters, then a third during the first edition of the Premier Padel Mexico Major. At the end of the season, the Spanish-Argentinian pair announced their separation.

Arturo Coello therefore joined forces in December 2022 with another Argentinian, Agustin Tapia, with whom he currently dominates the padel World.

The couple indeed got off to a strong start since barely associated, Coello and Tapia won their first title at the WPT Abu Dhabi Masters against world number ones Lebrón and Galán.


The two young men then followed suit perfectly, with four additional titles on the WPT, and 22 matches without defeat. Now a question arises: who will be able to stop this irresistible duo?

Coello Tapia - Granada Open

Coello, the face of the brand Head

Since his debut at the professional level, Arturo Coello has been supported by the brand Head.

Now headliner of the Austrian brand, the Valladolid native owns a padel made especially for him: the super-powerful Head Delta Pro.

Featuring a diamond shape, with its dominant black on the surface and the brand logo Head Easily visible due to its fluorescent orange colour, this racquet is just like Coello: it perfectly combines aggressiveness and control.

Arturo Coello smash pala Head Delta Pro 2022 Roland Garros
Eleonore Coulibaly

What a pleasure to be a journalist in the middle of the padel, an attractive growing sport. I hope you enjoy the content offered. See you soon perhaps on the slopes!