Rémi Gourre, the All In player Padel Sports (located near Aix-en-Provence), is on its way to breaking all the P500 records won. Baptiste Delvienne, as for him, will have to bow for the moment, against the former French top 20 and his 31 P500 wins.

The former tennis under-15, Sports Director of the Tholonet Tennis Club and future coach of padel to All In Padel Sports at Bouc Bel Air – a position he will officially occupy from next September – tells us about his career.

“Mr 31 P500”

Since the beginning of the year, I have participated in treizr P500 with five different players, and I have won twelve of them. Since 2021, I have won a total of 31 P500s.

Today, I mainly focus on the PACA region for a very simple reason: with my professional rhythm, it's complicated for me to go and do other tournaments elsewhere.

Unfortunately, in the region there are very few P1000s and even no P2000s.

I was able to do some good performances during P1000 and P2000 (quarter-final at the P2000 des Pyramides in 2020, just before the COVID and two P1000 won: one at All In Padel Sports and one in Vence)

Currently, I consider that my career is more behind than in front of me. I play with Nicolas Molinero, whom I would like to see in the top 50. We have participated in eight P500s, and we have won seven of them.

He was still 450th French player three months ago and he is currently at the gates of the first 150. In tennis, he is 1/6, and I think he can play very well and get into the top 50. He is young, with his career ahead of him. It therefore has the potential to go further.

Teacher diplomas issued in a hurry

There are more and more tournaments and more and more players, which is very positive.

Clubs are being created all over France and there is an increasing demand for the recruitment of teachers.

Precisely, on this subject, I think that we are not yet sufficiently qualified in teaching. Too many degrees are awarded too quickly. This is why we risk reproducing the same mistakes as in the past with tennis, where the FFT ended up with too many tennis teachers, not always able to teach.

I have a few very simple ideas that could make it easier to set up and build the teaching of this discipline in France. This would make it possible to have better visibility on all the new professors who land in the padel, almost overnight.

Indeed, we sometimes have the impression that we can become a teacher too easily, without really having a history in this sport, which can harm the whole profession.

For example, we could set up obligations for these new teachers: to have done at least a certain number of tournaments of padel with perhaps performance levels that would need to be quantified.

Another idea, that there are two levels of diplomas: a first level to teach “leisure” players and a second higher level, to teach “competition” players who want to go further.

It will take time to organize everything

The idea is not to offend anyone. It will certainly take time for everything to be organized. But the past of the FFT must serve as a lesson to us: we must use its experience, its history, and what we have observed in tennis, above all not to reproduce the same mistakes.

However, unfortunately, for the moment, we are repeating them. However, we are at the very beginning of the history of the padel in France, and we can still perfectly rectify the situation if we become aware of it now.

One of the perverse effects also of the "always more teachers", recruited without a selection worthy of the name and therefore without the real skills necessary for teaching padel, is to push French players abroad instead of making them stay in France.

The good news is that there are more and more new players from padel In France. For the time being, this makes it possible to “hide” the problems linked to teaching.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.